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Our History


George Pfau established his company just after the Civil War in 1869. It was originally located on the Ohio River, at the Falls of the Ohio, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. With over a century of specialization and pride, fats and oils are produced under rigid quality standards in Pfau's modernly equipped plant. Now in its 5th generation, Pfau continues its long-standing tradition of consistent quality, accuracy of meeting specifications, and prompt deliveries.

Located on the banks of the Ohio River from 1869 until 1944, Pfau, in the winter of 1944, experienced a devastating fire that entirely destroyed the premises. The plant was rebuilt approximately six blocks north of the river at a new large site that was complete with rail service. Pfau has remained at its present site, which also has close proximity to the interstate highway system. In 1955, Pfau began warehouse stocks in Chicago, IL. During the decades of the 1970's and 1980's warehouse stocks were added to locations in New Jersey, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Los Angeles, and Ontario, Canada. The prominent location allows Pfau to provide overnight shipping to most regions of the US including; Great Lakes, Eastern Seaboard, Gulf Coast, East of the Rockies. 

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