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Other Use Oils

Mink Oil- Mink oils are used in many applications. Most typically though, they are used in various shoe treatments and creams. Its tremendous emolliency makes mink oil the best possible product for use in leather products.

Blown Oils- Our blown Lard Oils and Neatsfoot Oils are being used in many applications in the leatherworking industry, Metalworking industry and Textile industry. Our Blown Castor Oils are used in many printing ink formulas.

Textile - Our Blown Neatsfoot Oils and Lard Oils are both being used as spindle lubricants in this industry. 

Printing Inks - Our Peacock Blown Castor Oils are a main component in many printing inks.

They come in four different grades:

  • Z-1 

  • Z-3 

  • Z-6 

  • Z-8

  • Z-9 

  • PFAU OILS - Our Peacock PfauOils are synthetic Sperm Oil replacements and are used in leatherworking applications, as well as, Metalworking compounds.

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