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Leather Oil

Neatsfoot oil has been used for centuries in leather goods due to it's ability to impart certain desired properties on the leather. During the tanning process, natural oils are removed from the hide. If these natural oils are not replaced, the leather will become stiff and unusable. Neatsfoot Oil, when applied during tanning and periodically thereafter, lubricates the leather fibers and waterproofs the leather.

For the ultimate in leather protection and pliability, try Mink Oil. The fatty acid composition of mink oil is unlike that of any other oil. The high levels palmitoleic acid leads to an oil which performs as a great emollient. This gives the leather the maximum in softness, flexibility and waterproofing. Although some petroleum products have been used in leather softening applications, none of them have the emolliency and lubricity that is naturally found in Mink Oil.

Peacock Tallows and Stearines are excellent stuffing compounds. The manufacturing process allows for the most consistent tallows and stearines available. We are able to take out the seasonal and geographic variations that are inherently found in these types of products. This consistency allows you to remove one more uncertainty from your manufacturing process.

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