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Metalworking Oil

In recent years, there has been a resurgence among Metalworking Fluid manufactures to produce an environmentally friendly product. Our oils can help you achieve this goal. These types of oils have many different uses in many different industries. We are currently supplying oils for use as lubricants in the metalworking, cement, ceramic and plastic industries. They are also being used as additives in other types of fluids, such as hydraulic and shock absorber fluids.

Lard oils are being used as cutting, quenching and honing oils. They are also being used in all-natural drawing and stamping fluids. We have several grades that are designed for cement mold release applications. The free fatty acids in the oil react with the cement to make a soap. This allows the lubricant to be both a chemical and physical mold release agent. We also manufacture tallows and stearines which are used in many buffing compounds and lubricating sticks.

You may want to consider our line of Pfau Oil Products. These are our technical replacements for sperm oil. These products are blends utilizing different esters. These blends give the lubricants special properties such as lower pour points and increased oxidative stability.

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